Pallets Sale



While wood is a renewable resource because it is made from trees that grow, using too much wood can quickly turn them into a non-renewable resource. After all, it takes decades for a tree to grow tall enough to be used for pallets.

Purchasing wood pallets has many benefits.

  • Recyclable. Wood can be recycled, and when you invest in our wood pallets, you are helping to save new trees from being cut down. Plus, this saves on the energy used in the manufacturing process, as well as on shipping. Investing in recycled pallets, therefore, is cheap overall.
  • Strong. Wood pallets are used again and again by shipping and receiving companies because they are strong and can hold up to the heavy weights they often carry. They are also long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about investing in any new ones any time soon.
  • Sizing. At Rocky Mountain Battery Services in Fort Collins, we offer four-way wood pallets for shipping (40x48). This is the standard size used for the supermarket industry, as well as many others. This ensures that you get the most use out of your pallets.
  • Versatility. Because refurbished pallets are so plentiful, many DIYers have jumped on the bandwagon of repurposing pallets for their projects. From woodworkers who build custom furniture to gardeners looking for old wood to make a flower bed, wood pallets can be used for spare wood in thousands of ways. The only limit is your imagination.

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